Voltmeters - APM, DPM, Panel meters


Ohmmeter, Micro Ohm meters, Milli Ohm meters, Mega Ohm meters, Insulation Testers, Earth Resistance Testers, Earth Clamp meters

Frequency Meters - Line Frequency Meters - LFM , Frequency Counters - Universal Counter - Time Interval Meters

Wattmeters - AC, DC (kW) (Power Meters)

Kilo Watt meters (kWh) - Energy Meters

Power Analysers

Capacitance Meters

Inductance Meters

Impedance Meters / Analysers

LCR Meters / Bridges

Multimeters - AMM, DMM, Digital Multimeters, Analog Multimeters

Clamp meters - ACM, DCM

Oscilloscopes - Real time, Storage (Analog, Digital, Sampling) - Time Domain Measurement

Spectrum Analyzers - Frequency Domain Measurement

Signal Generators - Sine Wave Generators

Function Generators - Sine, Trianglular, Square, & Pulse Wave Generators

Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Distortion Analysers

Time Domain Reflectometer - TDRs, OTDRs

Thermal Measure - Thermometer, Digital Temperature Indicator, Dig Temp Indicator cum Controller

Electrical Para 1 Meters                                (SF/MF) 1 V I R Hz T  W  PF L C S X Y Z
2 Amm,Dmm,Acm,Dcm,LCR,ELM,EMI,   EMC,ST,FC,UC
Process Parameters 2 Temperature                 (Thermal) 1 DTI,DTIC,Recorders
Guages, Glass Thermometers,DTI with Builtin sensors
Humidity                        (Thermal) 2 Dual DTI-RTD Indicator
Dual DTI with sensor, Hygrometers, psychrometers
RPM               Tachometer                                    (Speed) 3 RPM Indi=Event-counter
IR type, Contact-Type, Non-Contact-Type, Stroboscopes
TIME 4 Analog-Digital Stop Watch,
Time Interval Meters with NO/NC or other I/ps
XY Indicators                               / Recorders 3 CRO                                           XY  Recorders                            & Analysers 1 Cro, RTO,DSO,RT-DSO,ASO
2 Analog-Digital Curve Tracers
3 Spectrum Ana, Logic Ana
4 XY-Recorders
5 Others
Probes,Jigs& Fixt 4 Probes 1 Meter-Hvprobe
2 Cro-I,HV,differential,fet
3 Others


Power Supplies, mV Sources, mA Sources, Programmable Power Supplies, Regulated DC Power Supply, Constant Voltage Sources, Constant Current Sources

Resistive Load - Passive Rload, Electronic Loads, Rheostats, Potentiometers, Presets, Standard Resistors, Shunts,

Calibrators- Voltage Calibrator, Current Calibrator, RTD calibrator, Resistance Calibrator, Multifunction Calibrator, Process Calibrator, Temperature Calibrator, Pressure Calibration, Precision Calibrators

Electrical Simulators - VIR Simulators, RTD Simulator

Electrical Parameters                    VIR 1 VIR                                               Sources                        (SF/MF) 1 V I R S Hz T  L C
2 LV PS, Rdc PS,
HV PS, HVBD, HV tester
Sig+Fn Gen
Meter Calibrators                       (V I R Hz etc.,)
Process Calibrators              (V I R Simuli)
Wattmeter Calibrators
Safety  Testers
Process Parameters 2 Temperature Calibrators     / Thermal Sources 1 Water Bath
Oil Bath
Grease Bath
Soldering Lead Bath, WS m/c
2 Ovens, Hot Air Chambers / Blowers
3 Dry Block Temperature Calibrator, Dry Well t/c calibrator
4 Soldering Station
5 Hot Plates, Metal Blocks, Heatsink surfaces
6 Furnaces
Humidity 1 Humidity Chambers
RPM (Speed) 1 RPM Calibrators with varying speeds
TIME TI Generators,Timers,
Vectorical Sources 3 Vectorical Sources 1 CRO Calibrators
Video Generators
Cos-phi Calibrators
Transducers / Sensors 4 Temperature         Sensors 1 Thermocouple
2 RTDs / N,PTC
3 Infra Red/Laser/                                                                              Non-Contact
4 Semiconductor / others
Others 5 Other sensors / x

Instrument Carts

Differential Probes

High Voltage Probes

Oscilloscope Probes


Digital Thermometers

Electromagnetic Field Meters

Humidity & Temperature Meters


AC Power Source

DC - DC Converters

Programmable AC/DC

Electronic Loads

Programmable AC/DC Power Supplies


Eprom Writers

High Precision LCR Meters

Eprom Erasers

Eprom Programmers

Digital IC Testers


Rugged Flat Panel Displays

Rugged Note Books and PDAs

MIL-STD Components and Connectors

MIL-STD Power Supplies


Insulation Testers

Cable/Harness Testers

Electrical Tester and Kits

Electrical Safety Testers

High-Pot Testers